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In case you hadn’t heard, “From Clay to Paper” was our most-recent exhibition.

It opened with a smashing reception on the evening of Saturday, March 14th and ran through all of April. We get attached to most exhibitions we curate. But this one holds a special place in our memories.

It was really something!

Collectors who purchased work began coming by the gallery on April 30 to get their pieces.

And, as happy as we were to release these pieces to their new owners, there was also a sense of sadness on our part. It was hard to let go of the individual pieces and of the absolutely astounding body of work as a whole. The show opened at 7PM with a sizable group waiting on the front steps.

By 8PM people were actually standing in line to get in. Yes, the crowd was big, but it’s not just the numbers that are noteworthy. It was a huge crowd of ART LOVERS! Everyone, all night, seemed to talk about the art! We’ve never seen anything like it. I must admit, it feels rather superficial – even a bit braggadocio – to write about the size of the crowd, as one would talk about the crowd at “The Bolder Boulder” or a big Buffs’ game.

But that’s just it: the crowd was full of an excitement that’s most often reserved for sports events. Except this night the enthusiasm was for art! People were actually pushing their way through the crowd to hear Bud Shark speak about his 30-year collaboration with Betty Woodman.

Betty and Bud stopped by the gallery early one morning a few days before “From Clay to Paper” opened. Neither had ever seen the fruits of their long and powerful collaboration exhibited as one body of work.

My business partner, Rob, and I had the incredible honor of walking from piece to piece with Bud and Betty while listening to them as they quietly remembered how they worked together to make each woodblock print, monoprint or lithograph. What a privilege! It was an experience we will never forget.

It’s time to move on to our next exhibition. But, not before offering a heartfelt thanks to Betty Woodman, Bud Shark and all those who came to see this exhibition. May those who were fortunate enough to purchase one of the beautiful pieces enjoy their new Betty Woodman for many years.

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