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"At 15th Street Gallery, passion for art, design savvy, care and creativity all combine for impeccable results."

Joan Markowitz
Former Executive Director and Chief Curator
Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Custom Picture Framing Services

Thousands of picture frames

“Frames That Could Make Your Art Sing”
(Hope It Has A Good Voice)

15th Street Gallery is an exceptional place, a framing studio that exists for those who yearn for something more than the average frame shop.

For more than 30 years, 15th Street Gallery has prevailed as one of Colorado’s most respected art framing and picture framing studios.

We design custom frames that meet, and often exceed, the high expectations of museums, artists and art collectors.

The art framers at 15th Street Gallery have been creating custom framing designs with true preservation and conservation measures for collectors who expect museum-quality results.

Design is an important element in framing; we make it easy and fun.

Email us or call (303) 447-2841 to find out more information about custom picture framing services.

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The passion for beauty makes us stand above the rest

The framings are executed to the highest art-conservator standards and the collection of hand-made frames is unique and beautiful.

Our talented staff has been creating stunning frame designs for over a quarter century.

15th Street Gallery’s art framers and designers understand the level of care, design principles, and preservation/conservation framing measures needed for a beautifully crafted frame design that meets museum standards.

  • Thousands of beautiful picture frames to choose from including renewable North American hardwoods, welded steel, acrylic, hand-carved, gold and silver leaf gilt, and marquetry.

  • Hand wrapped fabric matting: stunning colors and textures, imported silks and linens.

  • Canvas paintings: hand-wrapped fabric covered and custom painted liners.

  • Large selection of floater frames for paintings on canvas.

  • Museum glass and conservation acrylic for maximum protection from ultra-violet damage and aesthetic enhancement from glare.

  • All matting is pH neutral cotton rag or “acid-free” to museum preservation framing standards.

  • Picture frames appropriate for shadow box treatments of 3-D objects.

  • Floating of art works on paper using “old-school” rice paper hinges to the highest preservation/conservation standards of reversibility and pH neutrality. No linen or pressure-sensitive tapes!

"The framing at 15th Street Gallery is a flawless orchestration between image and frame."

Cydney Payton
Founding Executive Director and Chief Curator
Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver/MCA

Preservation Framing

preservation framing services

True Conservation Methods

True preservation framing, adheres to the standards of the Library of Congress.

The proper preservation framing of an artwork ensures that the integrity of the piece is properly protected. Some of the measures that will protect the artwork are pH neutrality, ultra-violet protection, and totally reversible “old-school” Japanese hinging.

At 15th Street Gallery, the frame designer will advise you which preservation measures will be needed to protect your artwork.


“We have entrusted 15th Street Gallery with our prints for 27 years.

Their work is done to the highest conservation standards, using the very best materials and flawless craftsmanship. There are no better framers anywhere in the country and we are very fortunate to have framing of this caliber in Colorado.”

Bud Shark

Master Printer, Director, Shark's Ink.

“15th Street Gallery is by far one of the most capable, professional and conscientious framing organizations in the country.

I have worked with this skilled group for over 25 years, and I commend them for their unflagging awareness of conservation aesthetics and principals. They are, quite simply, among our very best. You can trust them with your art.”

M. Randall Ash

Fine Arts Conservator, M. Randall Ash & Associates

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