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So, our last exhibition for California-based artist Hung Liu is down and Augustin, Rob and I are just finishing the installation for our current show for Barbara Takenaga. Takenaga will be in Boulder from NYC for a reception at the gallery on Thursday, August 16th following a talk that 15th Street Gallery is sponsoring at The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.

Barbara Takenaga BMoCA and 15th Street Gallery Exhibition

Here are the details: At 6PM at BMoCA Takenaga, Master Printer Bud Shark and artist/writer Barbara Shark will give a talk illuminating the collaboration between artist and printer to make work. Following this talk, guests will walk the short 2 blocks east of the museum to 15th Street Gallery to enjoy an exhibition of lithographs that Takenaga and Shark have made together over the past 16 years. Also included in the exhibition are 5 color separation proofs that will help collectors understand how the lithographs were made.

The artist and Master Printer will be here too, of course, so it will be a great time to ask questions.

We came across a quote from Art in America that describes Takenaga’s work more eloquently than we ever could, so I will share it with you:

Barbara Takenaga’s works “are gorgeous-so elegant, opulent and vigorous that they can make your breath catch. Filigreed swirls of graduated dots, from nearly microscopic to size of a coin, appear like pearls or lustrous precious stones strung on impossibly fine threads to create dizzying cosmic patterns.” – Carol Diehl, Art in America

Some of the lithographs included in the exhibition are made with pearlescent white powder or metallic gold powder that give them a shimmering animated beauty.

Other lithographs include hand-coloring and silk screening. The impeccable craftsmanship gives these lithographs a refined elegance combined with an almost-psychedelic excitement.

Truthfully, since we installed the show, we can’t stop looking at this work.

We hope you will join us on August 16.

Barbara Takenaga's Museum Collections

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