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“A New Visit To An Old Place” Japanese-inspired scrolls by tattoo artist Joel D. Long of Bolder Ink.

Reception for the artist: Friday June 26 6-9PM

Joel D. Long Artist Exhibition

We have been having fun planning this upcoming show. We wanted to do something very different for our summer show this year. And boy, are we ever! Our featured artist, Joel Long, is a great guy. We have loved working with him. In the tattoo world, Joel is something of a legend. His work for this show is influenced by some of the greatest tattoo artists like Ed Hardy, Chris Trevino and the Dutchman. But Joel also has a very strong background in the traditions of Japanese painters like Kyosai, Kuniyoshi and Yoshitoshi.

The scrolls he has made for this exhibition synthesize both worlds: tattoo art and traditional Japanese paintings. We are finding that Joel’s reputation extends far beyond Boulder. In fact, we just pre-sold two scrolls to a fellow tattoo artist in Olympia, Washington who saw the work on our site. All of us are enjoying the connection with people who appreciate this art form. It’s been a journey into a little-known world for us: new people, new sensibilities, new insights, and we’re loving the ride. The opening promises to be a wild night. Pee Wee, fellow tattoo artist and friend of Joel, has warned us to roll up the rugs. Doing something totally new can new be challenging, but it can also be invigorating.

We hope you’ll stop by to meet Joel and see his beautifully painted scrolls. Each has been hand bound in China. Oh yeah, we forgot to thank Anthony, our head framer. Anthony is the guy who connected us to Joel and this intriguing world where skin art meets traditional Japanese painting.

So, muchas gracias to our boy, Anthony! We couldn’t run 15th Street Gallery without you.

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